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Top 5 reasons our staff are glad they made the switch to a role supporting research and big pharma

Our consultants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including life sciences, pharmacy, marketing, medicine, business and management. In talking with our team we’ve identified five top reasons they’re glad to have made the switch from research or big pharma to a consultancy role supporting research and big pharma.

1. Variety

The nature of a consultancy opens our consultants to a diversity of work. They deal with a diversity of projects, products, therapeutic areas and clients not to mention the kinds of work they are performing – analysis, research, customer service, reporting, pricing, TGA and PBAC submissions and much, much more.

2. Challenge

A diversity of work brings the challenge of getting up to speed on a new project – quickly and efficiently. Our consultants want to produce their best work for our clients which generally means learning about a new product – inside and out.

3. The people

Our team report that they really enjoy the company of their teammates. Our cross-functional teams mean that people specialising in different fields get the opportunity to work together – opening them up to new ideas, new research, and new experiences.

4. Flexible work policy

Commercial Eyes takes pride in its flexible work policy that enables staff, by arrangement, to work on a casual, part time or full time basis, in the office and from home.

5. A great culture

We were delighted to hear one of our team members here describe our office culture as one of collaboration and mutual support where the end result of our work was celebrated!

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