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FDA tick of approval: Commercial Eyes’ Drug Safety Group has been successfully audited by the FDA!

Commercial Eyes has been successfully audited by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and found to have no written 483 observations. This is an excellent result that confirms Commercial Eyes’ reputation as the foremost pharmacovigilance and medical information provider in the region.

Commercial Eyes is the only pharmaceutical professional services provider in Australia/New Zealand to have been successfully audited by the FDA.

As the global pharmacovigilance provider for a client that markets medicines in the USA, Commercial Eyes hosted a two day inspection by the FDA. The audit scrutinised our procedures, electronic systems and processes around the receipt, evaluation and reporting of adverse events.

We are delighted that our processes have been so rigorously tested and proven, as are our clients. We have received many congratulatory emails from our clients – delighted that their pharmacovigilance and other medical services are in such good hands.

Call our Medical Services team on +61 3 9251 0777 to discuss your pharmacovigilance needs.

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