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Delivering strategic insights, competitive intelligence and developing and driving HTA strategy to maximise market opportunities.

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The Commercial Eyes Access, Research and Intelligence (ARI) team provides a comprehensive array of services for health technologies across all stages of the product lifecycle. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we’ve recently launched an innovation arm to keep us at the forefront of global trends. Our portfolio of projects is diverse, commissioned by start-ups, sponsors, and distributors across the healthcare spectrum. From guiding MedTech start-ups to groundbreaking biosimilars, COVID-19 therapeutics, diagnostics, and pioneering cell and gene therapies, we navigate various levels of innovation to meet your unique needs.

Our experienced Access team can help you navigate the complexities of reimbursement and policy frameworks, ensuring optimal market access and successful product launches in Australia and New Zealand. We provide comprehensive support for your products, encompassing:

  • HTA Applications: Expertise in preparing submissions for key bodies such as PBAC, MSAC, PLAC, ATAGI, NBA, and PHARMAC, including co-dependent submissions.
  • Feasibilities: Conducting thorough market assessments, comparator assessments, and Go or No-Go assessments to guide decision-making.
  • Strategic Advice: Identifying funding pathways and requirements, devising loss of exclusivity strategies, and formulating effective market entry strategies.
  • Literature Reviews: Conducting systematic and structured literature reviews to support evidence-based decision-making.
  • Global Value Dossiers: Creating, adapting, and developing local value propositions through comprehensive global value dossiers.
  • Economic and Pricing Analysis: Utilising advanced economic modelling, budget impact modelling, patient build-up models, forecast models, and listing services to inform pricing strategies.
  • Government Affairs Strategy: Developing robust government affairs strategies and advocacy plans to support access and policy objectives, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and stakeholder needs.

Our team of research and intelligence specialists excels in crafting bespoke research solutions tailored to address your unique challenges and objectives. From patient journey mapping to competitor intelligence reports, we deliver comprehensive and insightful analyses to inform your strategic decisions. Our adept market research experts employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, coupled with advanced statistical analysis, to address your inquiries and provide actionable insights regarding your market, product, competitors, and customers. Our certified Intelligence professionals can help your organisation or brand team gain a perspective on evolving market dynamics, discerning strategic opportunities, and identifying potential risks for your brand or organisation. This empowers you to assess your value proposition, anticipate competitor movements, and safeguard your plans against competitive threats. Our suite of services includes:

  • Patient Journey Mapping: Analysing the patient’s journey from diagnosis to treatment, identifying key touchpoints and opportunities for improvement.
  • Awareness, Trial, and Usage (ATU): Assessing brand awareness, trial rates, and usage patterns to inform marketing strategies.
  • Market Landscape Mapping: Providing an overview of the competitive landscape, market trends, and key players.
  • Treatment Pathway and Market Sizing: Evaluating treatment pathways and estimating the size of different market segments.
  • Stakeholder and Key Centre Mapping: Identifying key stakeholders and centres of influence within the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Customer & Patient Experience: Measuring customer and patient satisfaction to identify areas for service improvement.
  • Brand Positioning: Developing strategies to differentiate the brand and ensure market relevance.
  • Concept & Message Testing: Testing marketing concepts and messages with target audiences to optimise communication.
  • Target Product Profile Testing: Assessing the potential success of product profiles among target audiences.
  • Willingness to Pay: Evaluating price sensitivity and willingness to pay among target customers.
  • Competitor Intelligence Reports: Analysing competitors’ strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning.

Our innovation team helps companies navigate and capitalise on both local and global trends, empowering them to respond effectively and leverage the latest approaches in service design, technology, data utilisation, and commercialisation. The team can assist you with:

  • Patient Context Mapping: Uncover deep insights into patient behaviours, preferences, and needs to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Service Design/Model Innovation: Design innovative service models to enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.
  • Wearable Device Data Mapping and Commercialisation: Harness the power of wearable device data for commercial purposes, unlocking new opportunities for innovation.
  • Strategic Partnerships Services: Facilitate strategic partnerships to expand market reach, drive innovation, and create synergistic value.
  • Regulated Digital Health UX Advisory: Navigate regulatory requirements and design user-centric digital health solutions that comply with industry standards.
  • Precision Medicine Platform Prototyping and Testing: Develop and test precision medicine platforms to tailor treatments based on individual patient characteristics.
  • Commercial Health Data Solution Architecture: Design robust architectures for commercial health data solutions, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.
  • Data Commercialisation: Monetise health data assets through strategic commercialisation strategies, unlocking new revenue streams and business opportunities.



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