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Medical Information by instant message

Posted on October 22, 2015

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1800 numbers and written responses such as letters and emails are a well-established part of all Medical Information services. However consumers and healthcare professionals are increasingly tech-savvy. They may prefer to communicate via text or online chat as they do for other online retail and customer service queries. Have you explored adding live chats to your medical information services?

Live chats appeal to busy doctors, other professionals and consumers particularly because of its accessibility and convenience. 

While a number of websites offer medical information, most are still considered unreliable.  A company-managed live chat can offer scientifically validated responses to ensure the correct use of therapeutics. Medical Information professionals have access to current, accurate and legitimate information that they provide in response.

Customer satisfaction has been known to increase due to the immediate and private nature of a live chat environment. It certainly makes a difference to be supported instantly.   

Companies gain productivity as Medical Information can address a number of queries at the same time whilst ensuring each conversation remains separate. This can reduce the time it takes to answer each enquirer.  A chat transcript is also available for review, which can be valuable in complex situations where a documented conversation requires follow up.

Medical Information professionals at Commercial Eyes are trained and experienced to deliver this emerging new mode of communication.

This article was written by Charmaine Ferraren from our Medical Services team.

The Commercial Eyes’ Medical Services team have experience with all forms of HCP and consumer interaction including live chat. Call us on +61 3 9251 0777 to discuss your medical information needs. We’re well placed to help you choose the best options for your product.