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Local pharma expertise and know how: why you need it

Posted on November 14, 2014

Entering a new marketplace – whether for a medicine, a cosmetic, a device or a complementary medicine – is challenging, time consuming, expensive and often just difficult. There are stringent regulations to be met, local insights to be grasped, specific reporting mandates and of course lots of red tape to delay and sometimes block a product’s entry to the market.

The global pharmaceutical and medical industries faces constant pricing pressures. So how do you minimise the costs, overcome the obstacles and get on with the business of developing and launching a product in Australia?

Professional expertise and support.

Commercial Eyes offers the local pharma expertise, resources and knowledge to have your business up and running in a matter of weeks.

As compared to the six months it would take to secure office accommodation, acquire and train a highly skilled workforce and begin to make the necessary contacts in the local market.

Engaging Commercial Eyes to assist with any or all aspects of the pharmaceutical and medical device commercialisation process ensures your access to:

  1. An almost instant presence in Australia and its neighbouring markets
  • Essential local insights and experience including, but not limited to, a rigorous understanding of regulatory requirements, accurate market insights and established contacts with regional decision makers.
  • A flexible workforce allowing you to quickly scale your business up and down, dependent on demand. An excellent way to manage the peaks and troughs of the life sciences industry.
  • Specific and targeted expertise and advice from clinical trial design, to literature based submission requirements (which have changed very recently in Australia), commercial insights and competitive intelligence research or even a readymade comprehensive medical information service.
  • Financial savings from cost and time efficiencies.

To discuss your commercialisation needs – no matter how difficult – contact Andrew Carter on +61 4 9251 0777.