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Happy Birthday Commercial Eyes!

Posted on November 25, 2020

On this day, 19 years ago (24th September 2001), Commercial Eyes Pty Ltd was created. Today marks the day the company was incorporated (the legal equivalent of creating a new ‘person’).

Companies are unique entities. They are a creation of the legal fraternity building on the original idea of a Trust. Some great legal minds have said that the ‘company’ is the most significant legal creation of the post industrial world. This is because a company has no physical being, however, just like a ‘natural person’, a company has legal rights and is regulated by hundreds of laws (e.g. the Corporation Act); it can own stuff, sell stuff, sue and be sued, pay tax, enter into a contract with another party and get a loan; of particular significance, a company, like a real person, can employ people!

We often hear people say that their company is really about the people. Yet, in many cases, the same people’s behaviour and decisions show that they are really much more interested in the ‘products’ that their company makes or sells. They really just need people to make that happen.

However, in a consulting company, there is no ‘product’ without the people. Being a service provider, without the people, Commercial Eyes Pty Ltd would simply be a ‘legal entity’, without any real function, personality or purpose. The people that work for Commercial Eyes really are our business!

Thank you to the amazing team and people we have worked with over the years.