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A thriving business in dormant times

Posted on November 25, 2020

Do you remember saying – “I catch the train to get to work”?  What about “I’m leaving work in the next half an hour and I’ll pick something up at the supermarket on the way home”. I miss saying those things.

The Commercial Eyes office is in Melbourne’s CBD and is contemporary, full of light and space. Most baristas would cherish working behind our coffee machine and the bowls of fruit and jar of biscuits just seem to fill themselves.

We are in the business of assisting clients bring their medicines, medical devices, and diagnostics to the Australian market. It is a complex task, often difficult to navigate, and requires the contribution of many players. We are just one, and the end goal is to ensure that Australian patients get access to the medicines and healthcare products they need.

Today, our Melbourne office is dormant. It feels lifeless and a bit sad, even the plants look jaded. Only a handful of our nearly 100 employees have been to the office in the past six months. I miss it! Simply because it means that I can’t physically be with the Commercial Eyes team. I think the quid pro quo of needing to be so reliant on our contemporary communication tools, is acknowledging the diminishing effect they have on spontaneity, passion, and generally having fun at work.

That said, our business is thriving! Our technology, systems and databases are doing exactly what they are designed to do. Our staff have mastered them, are working productively, and are connected, to each other and our clients – in some cases more than ever. We are seeing communication advancements and innovation on a regular basis.

Ensuring access to essential medicines and innovative health technology is fundamental to a fair and vibrant society. COVID19 restrictions have had a big impact on where our people do their work; in some ways COVID19 has impacted how we work; most importantly, it underscores the importance of what we do.