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Delivering strategic insights, competitive intelligence and developing and driving HTA strategy to maximise market opportunities.

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The Commercial Eyes client base is large and diverse. In the 2022 calendar year to date, the Commercial Eyes ARI team has undertaken over 60 market access related projects and 35 market research and intelligence projects. These projects have been commissioned by sponsors and distributors of medicines, diagnostics, medical devices and hybrid products and span varying levels of innovation from over-the-counter medicines to biosimilars, COVID-19 medicines, diagnostics and cell and gene therapies.

Australia’s sophisticated reimbursement, policy, pricing and legal framework for pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, blood products, vaccines, devices and prosthetics. We can provide initial and ongoing support of your products including:


  • HTA applications: PBAC, MSAC, PLAC, ATAGI, NBA and PHARMAC, including co-dependent submissions
  • Feasibilities: market assessments, comparator assessments, Go or No-Go assessments
  • Strategic advice: funding pathway identifications & requirements for funding. loss of exclusivity strategy, market entry strategy
  • Literature reviews: systematic and structured
  • Global value dossiers: creation, adaptation, and development of local value proposition
  • Economic and pricing analysis: Economic modelling, budget impact modelling, patient build-up models, forecast models and listing services
  • Government Affairs strategy development and advocacy planning supporting access and policy objectives

Our experienced market research experts utilise various research methodologies and advanced statistical analysis to answer your questions and provide actionable insights on your market, your product, your competitors and your customers. We can provide a research solution to help you solve your problems including:

  • Patient journey mapping
  • Market landscape mapping
  • Treatment pathway and market sizing
  • Stakeholder and key centre mapping
  • Customer & patient experience
  • Brand positioning
  • Concept & message testing
  • Target product profile testing
  • Willingness to pay

Our certified intelligence professionals can help your organisation or brand team gain a perspective on the changing market conditions and identify what are the true strategic opportunities and where the real risks lie for your brand or organisation. This  allows you to evaluate how your own value proposition stacks up, anticipate your competitors’ next move, thus ensuring you are not blindsided by a competitive threat, or your own plans aren’t derailed by your competitor’s actions. We can:

  • Identify the major forces affecting the performance of your market/brand
  • Track competitors resourcing, positioning, timelines, clinical trials, marketing activities and stakeholder engagement
  • Predict competitors moves
  • Assess your brand’s position and resourcing relative to competitors



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