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Pricing & policy decisions:  Do you have an external or company only view?

In the market access, pricing and reimbursement area, when it comes to negotiating with a monopsonist purchaser for the reimbursement of a therapy, information is critical. It is a matter of fact that in dealing with Government it is most often the case that they hold all of the cards – they have access to a wealth of knowledge beyond what any individual company can ever have. 

Large companies often have access to a large corporate memory themselves, although often this is focused in the therapeutic areas, they have a depth of experience in. For smaller companies who navigate the reimbursement process less frequently, they often find themselves with a significant knowledge gap.

How can Commercial Eyes help?

At Commercial Eyes we’ve had the privilege of working with a wide range of companies, products and therapeutic areas across the originator as well as generic perspective. This breadth of experience also extends to other aspects of the reimbursement system, such as devices, diagnostics and blood products – areas companies may have limited experience with based on their pipeline and portfolio. 

Having a wider base of experience with the many aspects of the complex reimbursement system starts to rebalance the inherent information asymmetry that companies often face, and also helps identify the common threads and regular approaches that a payer may take. This may be in the context of submissions themselves, pricing negotiations and even other discrete processes such as the recent Ministerial Discretion application process.

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