Home Insights Elevating Patient Voices for Safer Healthcare: Commercial Eyes’ Commitment on World Patient Safety Day 2023

Elevating Patient Voices for Safer Healthcare

Commercial Eyes' Commitment on World Patient Safety Day 2023

As we celebrate World Patient Safety Day 2023, Commercial Eyes stands proud as a trusted partner for the medicines and medical devices industry. Our commitment to patient safety is unwavering, and we are proud to be part of a global effort that emphasises the crucial role of patients, families, and caregivers in ensuring safe healthcare practices. This year’s theme, “Elevate the voice of patients,” resonates deeply with our vision and services.

Our Role in Patient Safety

Our Comprehensive Solutions

Commercial Eyes has developed a comprehensive and ISO-accredited Patient Safety & Risk Management service that operates across 20 jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific, Canada, the EU, and the United States. Our commitment to patient safety starts at the product development stage and continues through post-marketing surveillance. Here’s how our services align with the objectives of World Patient Safety Day 2023:

Raising Global Awareness: We actively promote the importance of patient safety and patient engagement in healthcare across all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Engaging Stakeholders: As a trusted partner, we work with policy-makers, healthcare leaders, and patients’ organisations to shape policies and practices that enhance patient safety.

Empowering Patients: In our thousands of interactions with patients, carers and clinicians , we empower patients and families to actively participate in their healthcare and contribute to its safety.

Advocating Urgent Action: We align our efforts with the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021–2030 and collaborate with partners to advocate for immediate action on patient engagement.

Commercial Eyes offers a range of solutions designed to ensure patient safety throughout a product’s lifecycle:

Patient Safety & Risk Management: Our services cover local and global pharmacovigilance and device vigilance, pre-marketing surveillance, medical reviews, signal detection, risk management programs and more.

Patient Programs: We provide patient-oriented programs, access programs, product familiarisation, support, and various allied programs to enhance patient care.

Digital Solutions: Our advanced technological capabilities allow us to process high volumes of safety data in-house and offer fully functional remote working services.

Inspection Readiness: We prepare our clients for health authority inspections, including internal and partner pharmacovigilance audits.

Sponsor Representation: We serve as the health authority contact person and qualified person for pharmacovigilance in ANZ and other countries, ensuring compliance and safety.

“Our commitment to patient safety goes hand in hand with the objectives of this important day.””

says Lorenza Ricacho, Regional Head of Patient Safety at Commercial Eyes.

On World Patient Safety Day 2023, we proudly stand with the global healthcare community, and our clients to Elevate the voice of patients.

Commercial Eyes remains dedicated to providing high-quality patient safety and risk management services, empowering patients, and advocating for safer healthcare practices. Together, we can make healthcare safer for everyone, and we invite you to join us in this mission – delivering results that matter to our clients, our community and to patients.

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