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Developments in Thought-Leadership

Identifying the right thought leader is critical in Medical Communications, and with the shift to omnichannel marketing, these leaders are finding new mediums to engage and influence scientific conversation.

As the industry grows, new methods of staying relevant and creating engagement have become available

Due to their high levels of expertise in their respective fields, thought leaders play an important role in influencing scientific conversations, advancing peer education, and accelerating the adoption of new products.

In Medical Communications, the identification of the right thought leader can vary depending on the project goals, including the challenges you are hoping to address, the level of engagement, and even region of geographic impact. Once identified, the team should engage with their thought leaders on a frequent basis to build rapport, and more importantly, exercise their influence.

In the past, thought leadership was often restricted to solely blog posts or website articles. However, with the rise in omnichannel marketing, thought leaders have since expanded to other mediums. These include video and podcast formats, as well as social media posts, which help leaders stay relevant, broaden customer reach, and connect to audiences on all platforms. 

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