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Dianne Gill Head of Medical Communications & Patient Engagement

Dianne is a self-described ‘fixer’, needing to find a solution to any situation. As Commercial Eyes’ Head of Medical Communications and Patient Engagement, this quality along with her exuberant personality and passion for a patient centric approach to healthcare, make her an industry leader in her field. Dianne’s qualifications in pharmacology and broad communications experience, built over 25 years of industry experience along with working in some of Australia’s leading Health Communications agencies, covers brand strategy, stakeholder management, patient programs, and overall campaign development & execution.

Dianne leads capable and experienced teams who are well equipped to provide solutions to a brand’s pre and post registration marketing challenges and develop a true multichannel approach when appropriate.

When Dianne’s not leading her team with a client’s product launch, developing education or delivering a patient program, she enjoys going on long walks, trying new recipes and on most weekends she is on the sidelines supporting her children play their many sports.

Dianne says, “holidays provide her the luxury of ‘quiet time’ to do things like reading a book”.

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