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TreeAge Update Alert

TreeAge Pro users will notice big changes when they upgrade to TreeAge Pro 2011. Some users have likened the shift to the difference between Microsoft Word 2003 and Word 2007.

According to the authors, TreeAge Pro 2011 introduces a more modern, flexible user interface, including:

  • flexible modelling workspace with views that access different application features;
  • customisable perspectives to show collections of views related to modelling, analysis, debugging or other sets of tasks;
  • a new Tree Diagram Editor, supporting drag and drop functionality for adding/rearranging nodes, and multiple editor windows for a single model;
  • list filtering to narrow down lists of variables, tree preferences, etc.
  • auto-completion of reward, probability, variable definition and other expressions;
  • project management tools for organising models and documents, including version control; and
  • sharper and more customisable graphical output.

New architecture

In the 2011 version, TreeAge software’s underlying architecture has been rewritten within the Eclipse development environment. The authors did this for two main reasons: to improve the user interface, and to allow functionality in future upgrades.

TreeAge Pro 2011 can open trees created in previous versions of TreeAge Pro, as well as in DATA Pro or DATA. However, unless your TreeAge Pro 2011 software includes the Healthcare module, access to Markov and cost-effectiveness models created in either DATA or TreeAge Pro will be limited to viewing the file.

Trees created in TreeAge Pro 2011 are not directly backward compatible with earlier TreeAge Pro versions. You can, however, save models in an older format. With regard to future submissions to the PBAC, the Pharmaceutical Evaluation Section has confirmed they will be equipped to evaluate models built in TreeAge Pro 2011.

The Commercial Eyes Reimbursement Team can assist with the full range of technical requirements for reimbursement projects across Australia and New Zealand, including modelling using TreeAge Pro 2011.

We pride ourselves on delivering sophisticated, innovative and commercially focussed reimbursement strategies. Commercial Eyes’ extensive knowledge of the reimbursement and health funding systems – as well as the needs of private insurers and individual healthcare providers – makes us an invaluable asset to our clients.

Please contact us on 03 9250 0777 to discuss your reimbursement needs.

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