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Top 5 – Reasons You Need a Consultant

There are many reasons you might need a consultant. And five of them add up to being T.I.R.E.D. This month’s Top 5 looks at how engaging a consultant can help you when you’re T.I.R.E.D – and the work still needs to be done.

1. Time (poor)

Ask people in our industry what they want as a gift and they’ll say ‘more time’. There is increasing pressure to deliver more despite diminishing headcounts and increasing costs. And often there simply isn’t time for you or your team to deliver. It’s then you need to evaluate how much time it will take to complete a task, and consider whether a consultant could work in parallel with you, increasing your total output significantly.

2. Interest (lacking)

We all have mundane tasks that must be done. They’re not the glamour jobs where successful completion will place you or your team in the spotlight. Rather, these are the necessary parts of your job no one wants to do. A manager may even delay delegating such tasks for fear of causing conflict amongst team members. When this happens, consider a consultant to take care of the mundane and free you and your team up to take on more challenging business priorities.

3. Resource (restricted)

Have you found that during times of significant growth/decline in your business you can’t get enough people? Ever experienced a headcount freeze that put increased pressure on you to deliver the same, high quality outcomes with fewer resources? That’s when consultants are valuable additions. They can work on specific projects, fill temporary gaps, ensure work gets done, enable you to focus on your tasks – and give you time to recruit the right people for your team going forward.

4. Expertise (not available)

This is possibly the most common reason for engaging a consultant, mainly because it is so logical – you don’t have the expertise in-house, so you need to look elsewhere. Choose an expert consultant from a consulting firm with a strong reputation, proven experience, in-depth understanding of the industry and a commercial focus.

5. Deadlines (looming!)

Whether it’s upcoming cycle meetings, reporting to the regional office, a new competitor entering the market or a PBS cut off, deadlines increase pressure on your people to get their work done. Looming deadlines are a constant in our industry and you don’t need to sacrifice your work/life balance to meet them. Find a great consultant who understands your business and can work with you to ensure you meet your deadlines.

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