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The PBAC major submission deadline is nearly here. Are you prepared for lodgement?

With the March 2016 major submission deadline looming, a significant but commonly overlooked aspect are the key administrative documents that accompany a lodged submission.  With a number of key documents changing, either in new process or content, as well as the risk of non-compliant submissions being missed off the PBAC meeting agenda, here are Commercial Eyes’ tips when it comes to the administrative phase of the submission lodgement process.


  1. Check and re-check the requirements for lodging a major submission each cycle

    Details of key documents to be provided as well as the preferred folder structure for the electronic submission copy are located on the online version of the PBAC Guidelines (Link).  As some changes don’t make the PBS Subscription News update service, a recheck of what is needed is recommended each cycle.

  2. Use a brand new key forms, as opposed to overwriting existing forms completed from prior submissions

    A number of key forms have been revised slightly in the past year, in process and in structure, namely a number of the PB11 forms.  Blank copies of the most recent forms are located here (Link).

  3. New Requirements for the NEHTA (National E-health Transition Authority) AMT Mapping Form

    The NEHTA form, which accompanies the submission, needs to be completed and approved by NEHTA prior to lodgement with the PBAC Secretariat. Don’t forget to set aside up to five business days for NEHTA to process your application as to not affect your submission lodgement. The NEHTA team are very happy to assist by phone/email if you require assistance with completing the form.

  4. Save the trees and printer toner – no more paper submissions are required!

    Submissions are now lodged in electronic format – no more paper copies required.  Ensure the USB storage devices provided are fully accessible and that the folder structure on the USB is compliant with the PBAC Guidelines.

Clients often tell us that they run out-of-steam towards the end of the preparation, but these administrative requirements are important to ensure your submission gets the hearing it deserves.


You can reach our Market Access team on +61 3 9251 0777.

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