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Successful innovation has economic and social benefits such as creating jobs and improving the quality of lives

Innovation statement

With the launch of Malcolm Turnbull’s Innovation statement and Innovation Week 2015 in Victoria last week, the hot topic of discussion is ‘innovation’.

Here’s what Andrew Carter, Commercial Eyes Managing Director and Chair of BioMelbourne Network, has to say…

Policies that assist in bringing people and ideas together, to collaborate, innovate and prosper, are to be encouraged and endorsed.  The National Science and Innovation Agenda’s approach to fostering talent and culture, developing our human capital alongside our technologies, will strengthen Australia’s innovation ecosystem. Embracing risk and being prepared to make mistakes is not new and a culture that encourages both is needed with bipartisan support at all levels of government. We need policy consistency and a sustained commitment to science and in particular life sciences policy, to build the future industries of Australia. Innovation should be encouraged in businesses and enterprises of all shapes and sizes, both new and established, to support locally based companies and attract international entrepreneurs. The portfolio of initiatives outlined is a good start, and we look forward to working with all sides of government to build on this innovation platform.

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