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Disinvestment in health care: friend or foe?

The clinical trial that led Commercial Eyes Market Access Consultant, Bridie Murphy, into the world of health technology assessment is still in the spotlight five years on. In July, The Conversation featured an article that looked at this and other trials’ effect on Government disinvestment.

The results of the trial, which were published in the NEJM in 2009 and co-authored by Bridie, led her to seek a career in Health Economics and provided the springboard to her role as an HTA evaluator for the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) and later for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC).

So is there a case for Government disinvestment in less effective health care? With ever increasing fiscal pressures facing the health budget, disinvestment in cost-ineffective treatments – be they pharmaceutical, diagnostic or device – would free up valuable health care dollars and enable greater investment in treatments that are cost-effective.

It’s uncertain how, when or indeed if, the Government will implement systematic divestment. Perhaps it will only ever be on a case by case basis driven by research or market forces, but whether you’re a patient, taxpayer or shareholder, we are all stakeholders in achieving a quality sustainable health system.

Bridie is just one of the Commercial Eyes team with expertise in reimbursement and pricing submissions to MSAC and PBAC. Across the organisation we have experience with a number of health technology agencies in the Australasian region and strategic clinical services that can help you get the optimal market access outcomes for your product.

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