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A Partnership of Hope

The Caleb Thorburn Foundation (TCTF) is a not-for-profit charity that works to reduce the impact and incidence of Meningococcal Disease (MD) within our community, while also providing education and other support.

With the help of the Commercial Eyes Community Council, TCTF has recently begun to realise its objectives. The company is TCTF’s largest corporate donor and it continues to offer its time and finances to support our cause.

The meaningful and measurable difference that TCTF has been able to make in the community can largely be attributed to our relationship with Commercial Eyes.

Exciting year ahead

Next year TCTF hopes to expand and update its education collateral, while also increasing its volume and distribution. This will ensure optimum community awareness, assisting with efficient identification and diagnosis of MD. Preventative measures will also be put in place along with information about and access to vaccinations.

TCTF will also host the National Meningococcal Conference in 2011, encompassing the medical fraternity, survivors of MD, the general public and our sister charities. And next year also marks the first time all state-based MD charities will collaborate to provide a National Awareness Day for MD.

The National Awareness Day’s significance and necessity cannot be underestimated. It will profile MD, offer our charities recognition and exposure, and give a voice to long suffering MD survivors.

New partners welcome

To continue to meet our objectives and offer community initiatives, TCTF needs additional partners, financial injection and corporate investment, whether fiscal, skill- and resource-based, or through creating networks. We would love to hear from any company, business or individual that may be able to help in 2011.

Commercial Eyes does not seek to be rewarded or acknowledged for its contribution, but it quietly and genuinely invests in our charity, sharing our vision in the knowledge that its efforts help create better health outcomes for the community.

We not only thank Commercial Eyes, but we commend it for the integrity of its Community Council and its effort to support charitable initiatives. We at TCTF extend our admiration and appreciation to all at Commercial Eyes for their friendship and generosity.

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